A Tack!


1:30 am is not a good time to start a lengthy homework assignment, particularly in your current state of exhaustion. But it’s due tomorrow so you pull out paper and pencils and set to work.

Ten minutes later, the paper is still blank. Your mind is blank too. You’ll start writing just as soon as you can get your eyes to stay open… But what’s this?! One of your pencils has jumped onto your paper and started doodling on it! “Hey! I was going to use that!” You fling a nearby push-pin tack at the pencil. Bulls-eye! But here come more pencils…

Your homework assignment is doomed. But you aren’t going down without a fight!

  • Shoot the pens and pencils before they fill your paper with doodles!
  • Game ends when 50% of your paper has been filled up
  • Undo some of the damage by hitting bottles of correction fluid- but avoid hitting the bottles of ink.
  • Initial release created in 30 days using Unity for the 3DU Mac game development contest.
System Requirements Download
  • Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” or greater
  • 600 MHz CPU or greater
  • Rage 128 Pro, Radeon-class, or GeForce video card.
Click here to download A Tack! for Mac (Universal Binary) (27 MB, compressed disk image)
  • Windows 2000 or greater
  • DirectX7-capable video card (Radeon, GeForce, most Intel)
  • 1 GHz processor or better (2 GHz recommended)
Click here to download A Tack! for Windows (4.4 MB, self-extracting archive)

Tips and Troubleshooting

Press the *Esc* key to end a game early and return to the main menu.

If the game appears to be running jerkily or slowly:

  • Lower resolutions like 800×600 run faster than higher resolutions like 1024×768.
  • Full-screen often runs faster than windowed.
  • A lower quality like “Good” runs faster than “Fantastic”.

The keyboard can be used instead of using the mouse. Default keys:

  • Left Arrow or A key – Move left
  • Right Arrow or D key – Move right
  • Spacebar – Fire

Keys can be assigned by using the configuration dialog that appears when the game is run.

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