3D Brick Bash! (1993)

“Thanks for nothing but many frustrating, non-productive hours in front of this @!*~^ machine, bashing bricks.” – J.C., 1993

“.. my six-year-old even made me a 3D Brick Bash! trophy for finally getting into level 4.” – F.P., 1994

“A pillar of classic Mac shareware” – iDevGames forum member, 2002

A Brief History

3d Brick Bash! is a 3D version of breakout for Macintosh. I originally released it in 1993 (around the time Mac OS 7 came out) as a modestly-priced shareware game. It got pretty good exposure for a few years, and thanks to the publisher SofSource it was even available for a short while in CompUSA and other stores. Steve Wozniak (original Apple computer inventor and author of its breakout game) himself registered a couple copies of the game!

In 2000 I released version 1.4 (downloadable from this page) removing the shareware notices and making it free for anyone to own and play. My thanks to everyone who played it over the years, especially the people who registered.

Unfortunately the last OS it ran natively under was Mac OS 9. Under OS X it requires Classic, which in turn requires a PowerPC. On an Intel-based Mac it’s only playable using a Classic Mac emulator like Sheepshaver or Basilisk. (That is also a way to run it on Windows or Linux.)

System Requirements Download
  • 68020 chip or later (including PowerPC, G4, and G5) but not Intel.
  • Color Quickdraw
  • System 6.0.5 or later. (OS X users: the game runs in the Classic environment on PowerPC if you set your monitor to 256 colors before running it. Recent Macs will instead require a Classic Mac emulator.)
  • 1,000K memory in 256-colors; 700K in 16-colors.
  • A mouse.

Click here to download 3D Brick Bash 1.4, for older Macs. (1.6 Megabytes)

Hints and Troubleshooting

The game has a help menu that explains how to play. Also, see the README file that comes with the game for rules and troubleshooting tips.