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22 Pawns Grandmasters!

I just had a look, and I see that 22 people have now earned the Grandmaster achievement (that is, they have solved all the puzzles.) Congratulations!

(If you solved the puzzles but were not logged into OpenFeint, then you are not included in that total. But congratulations to you too!)

Pawns! 1.1.2 released, price lowered

Pawns LogoPawns! 1.1.2 is now available in the App Store. This is a bugfix release to address the problem with seeing arrows properly on iPad 2’s. (And my thanks to Jesse Holden for designing yet another nifty icon for me!)

I’ve lowered the price of Pawns! to $0.99 USD. And of course, Pawns! Lite is still available for free, featuring the tutorial plus a generous selection of levels from the full game.

Pawns! home page
Buy it here

Pawns! and the iPad 2

I’ve just learned that Pawns! is not working properly on the iPad 2. The arrows that you place on the board cannot be seen properly, but instead are entirely black.

It continues to work on most, if not all, other iOS devices. I’ve tested many of them personally. Nonetheless, I’ve removed Pawns! and Pawns! Lite from the iTunes app store for the time being.