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Pawns! 1.1.2 released, price lowered

Pawns LogoPawns! 1.1.2 is now available in the App Store. This is a bugfix release to address the problem with seeing arrows properly on iPad 2’s. (And my thanks to Jesse Holden for designing yet another nifty icon for me!)

I’ve lowered the price of Pawns! to $0.99 USD. And of course, Pawns! Lite is still available for free, featuring the tutorial plus a generous selection of levels from the full game.

Pawns! home page
Buy it here

Coming soon- Pawns for iPad and iPhone!

The page is up for my forthcoming game, Pawns for iPad and iPhone! More than just a port of the Mac & Windows game, this version has many more puzzles, rated for difficulty. The user interface has been redesigned for touch screens. Not to mention the two most-requested features of all: knights and queens!

The game is currently in beta-testing and I hope to release it in about a month. Stay tuned!

Pawns Being Used In Classroom

This made my day. I just stumbled on the fact that Pawns was used in a course in an international school in Geneva! Looks like a teacher was using it to introduce young students to thinking logically and using trial and error, as a first step towards teaching them programming. Interesting!

If you look carefully at the banner image you can even see a glimpse of some kids playing Pawns there:

Students pondering Pawns

Students pondering Pawns