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MindTheCube Games and Mac OS X 10.15

Sadly, I have had to update the pages for my Mac OS X games to show that they no longer work after Mac OS X 10.14 “Mojave”. This is because Apple removed support for 32-bit programs from OS X 10.15 “Catalina”, released late 2019. (An event affectionately referred to as the App-ocalypse.)

I may try to rebuild the Unity games at some point. I already started improving Pawns for iOS, which gives me a head start on a new Mac version. I’m not sure how difficult A Tack! will be to update.

Amazingly, the three non-Unity games (Black Cube, Asteroid Rally, and WordBeGone) have been working since the earliest versions of OS X. I recompiled them for the Intel transition about 10 years ago, but that was all they needed. But there is no simple way to rebuild them now, and I have no plans to rewrite them.

Ironically, my oldest “Mac Classic” games (3d Brick Bash! and 3d Paddle Bash!) CAN be run on 10.15 using an emulator like SheepShaver.

Intel Build of Asteroid Rally

Finishing up the updates to my older games, I have just put up an Intel build of Asteroid Rally. This makes the game run better on Intel-based Macs, which is almost every Mac sold from 2006 onwards. I also updated the contact information.

The original PowerPC build of Asteroid Rally is still available for older Macs.

Asteroid Rally is far from my best game but can be kind of mesmerizing to play it full-screen with the in-game music. Or, if you prefer your own music, I recommend picking something ambient. Enjoy!