Revisiting the Unity 3 Preview Build (Beta 4)

Unity Technologies released a new preview build of Unity 3 this week, so I revisited the issues I mentioned in my previous post. Most have already been fixed.

Updated Issues

  • My paper is now lit normally. Apparently this was a Unity bug after all, or I needed to restart Unity for some reason.
  • Some sounds that hadn’t been playing are now working. I hadn’t even mentioned this one last week, assuming that it was just another example of assets becoming disconnected by the project conversion.
  • Lightmapped textures now display correctly in the material inspector.
  • I worked through the compiler error, that System.IO.FileInfo.Open() no longer accepts 0 or 1 arguments. Some of the documented overloads appeared to be missing:
    public void WontCompile()
        FileInfo theSourceFile = null;
        Stream reader = null;
        theSourceFile = new FileInfo (Application.dataPath + "/puzzles.txt");
        if ( theSourceFile != null ) 
            reader = theSourceFile.Open(FileMode.Open); // COMPILE ERROR: NO OVERLOAD TAKES 1 ARG
    	reader = theSourceFile.Open(FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read); // NO ERROR

    It was easy enough to add the missing arguments. But while I was reproducing the problem for Unity Tech support (who were very helpful by the way), we managed to clear the error by doing two things: changing the API Compatibility project setting from .NET 2.0 Subset to .NET 2.0; and creating a standalone build of the game. And now that the error is gone, I can’t get it to come back, even by setting API Compatibility back to 2.0 Subset. Strange.

New Issues
I noticed two issues that I hadn’t before. One is a bug, the other is a change that I’m going to have to get used to.

  • Clicking on a texture of a Material brings up the new,, nice texture selection dialog. Unity used to instead jump the Project view to the texture. I’m finding it inconvenient that I can’t jump from a material directly to the texture’s import settings. Meshes and Materials have little dots next to them; clicking on the dot jumps you to that asset.

    The inspector shows a hotspot next to Meshes and Materials that take you to that asset. Textures don't have it.

    Hopefully a similar shortcut will be added for textures.
  • Maximize on Play doesn’t restore the editor windows once the game has stopped. This is accompanied by an error in the console.